“Thank you for bringing Samba Dance Birmingham to Birmingham Festival 23 – the weather was not in our favour but our carnival party almost made you forget about it! Really appreciate your flexibility and collaboration, and looking forward to working together again (in the near future I’m sure!)” (Birmingham Festival 2023)

“Thank you SO much for coming, it was incredible & the girls absolutely loved it! Honestly can’t thank you enough…what an utterly fabulous evening!” (Rainbows Workshop, 2023)

We booked Samba Dance Birmingham for our annual staff awards and it was a great decision. Vicky was wonderful to work with in the run up, and knew exactly what we were looking for, leaving us with one less thing to consider. The dancers were happy to welcome people into the reception, as well as performing both an opening and a main number, meaning they were onsite for hours. It was really important to us to try and source performers from our area, and we’re so pleased to have gone with Samba Dance Birmingham. They all looked amazing, the performances were fantastic, and their talent and energy got everybody in the carnival spirit! ” (2022)

“I absolutely loved last night’s Samba class via Zoom. It was very convenient to be able to learn from my kitchen. It was my first time and the fact it was online did not hinder my learning. Vicky’s instructions were clear and there was lot of repetition. Thank you for being so generous by sharing this fun and unique dance style with us.”

“Last night’s Samba class was amazing Vicky! Just what I needed at this time. Was so much fun had me smiling all the way…. As a beginner it was easy to follow as well. Thank you so much – keep it up.”

“Thanks Vicky Conviver for a fabulous samba class this evening on Zoom. You are a great teacher giving lots of helpful snippets of information, taking us through the steps slowly at first and then giving us the opportunity to go faster than my legs have ever moved! I think it’ll take me a while to get to your speed!”

“Wow what a wonderful class. It was my first time today and I was totally out of my depth but I felt so supported by all the wonderful samba sisters there and I even got to enjoy my solo spot at the samba de roda. I loved the individual attention. Vicky Conviver is such a brilliant choreographer, she really moves the class on and is very patient. Thanks everyone. I’ll be back and hoping to encourage some more homem to come too … Axé.”